NCXS 2019 Round 5&6 Live Results

Registered Participant List
(Provisional Only)

Live Results for this weekend’s NCXS Races –


Race 1 – 9:30am – U17 Men, U17 Women, U15 Men, U15 Women, U13 Men, U13 Women, Hand Up Support Event

Race 2 – 10:30am – Masters 4-8, Expert Men

Race 3 – 11:45am – Masters 1-3, Junior Men

Race 4 – 12:45pm – Kids U10 and U7

Race 5 – 1:30pm – Elite Women, Junior Women, Masters 1-8 Women, Expert Women

Race 6 – 3pm – Elite Men


Race 1 – 9:30am – U17 Men, U17 Women, U15 Men, U15 Women, U13 Men, U13 Women, Hand Up Support Event

Race 2 – 10:30am – Masters 4-8, Expert Men

Race 3 – 11:45am – Masters 1-3, Junior Men

Race 4 – 12:45pm – Kids U10 and U7

Race 5 – 1:30pm – Elite Women, Junior Women, Masters 1-8 Women, Expert Women

Race 6 – 3pm – Elite Men

Hennessey Cup Round 2 – Results

Well we have unpacked everything and starting drying things out. Lets hope it doesnt take too long, much like all the riders who have to wash kits, dry shoes and polish their bikes.

2019 Hennessey Cup Round 2 – Results

During the week, we will also update the current timescore for the Hennessey Cup. We will also have an ‘average’ time for each race which will allow riders to get included in the timescore even if they only race 2 of 3 rounds. How will that work?
Total Time is the method for the overall Hennessey Cup.
A rider who races all 3 races, will have their cumulative time added up.
Winners in each grade (A,B,C) will get time bonuses.
A rider who only races 2 rounds, will have their ‘average time standard deviation’ on results of the day combined for the round they missed.
We will try and put that together as an example before the next round.

Next Round is May 12 at this stage, but were looking at the calendar to avoid Mother’s Day if we can. If it stays as May 12, it will be the afternoon schedule as per today.

Hennessey Cup Round 1 – Results

Thanks to the massive crew who turned up to race this morning at Hennessey Hill for Round 1 of the 2019 Hennessey Cup.

Also thanks to those people we asked/begged/borrowed to help us with shuttles. With this being a formal race day, private shuttles are not permitted under MTBA Regulations – and make things a little complex under our Sunshine Coast Council Permit Conditions. There were a few people we didnt catch up with after presentations – so if you drove, please contact us and we will get some funds over to you for cleaning and fuel costs.

Our next race is on March 17th and will be the ‘afternoon’ schedule – it will be nice not being out of bed at 4am for once! For the Hennessey Cup – your times will be cumulative over the 3 race days, so make sure you enter online and get your spot sorted. Entry will be up soon.

Results – Hennessey Cup Round 1

2019 Hennessey Cup

Well it’s the DH Pre-Season, so what better way to get your introduction to DH racing or sharpen your race day skills than taking on our 2019 Hennessey Cup. The format is our much loved ‘Handicap’ where everyone enters the one category and then we grade each rider once race runs are completed into A,B,C Grades, with prizes for each grade.

In 2019, we will have 3 races in the Hennessey Cup, with your total time added up over all 3 races to find our Series Winner. There will also be ‘bonus seconds’ for winners in each handicap grade on each day. That means even if you aren’t the fastest rider on the day, you could still jump up the standings and be eligible for the overall.
1st Place – 5 seconds
2nd Place – 3 seconds
3rd Place – 1 second

Race dates are
Feb 17 – morning schedule
March 17 – afternoon schedule (date subject to Council Permit Approval)
May 12 – morning schedule (date subject to Council Permit Approval)

Entry to each race is $40

Morning Schedule (Feb 17 & May 12)
7am – Rego Open
7:45am – Shuttles Start
8am – Practice
10am – Racing

Afternoon Schedule (March 17)
12:30pm – Rego Open
1:15pm – Shuttles Start
1:30pm – Practice
3:30pm – Racing

Enter Round 2 Now

More info about Hennessey Hill DH Track.
Located on Beerburrum-Woodford Rd, the 1.2km track has around 120 vertical meters of elevation and graded as a Black Diamond Trail. There are two parallel courses which can be configured into different styles of race tracks. One is a little rockier, the other a little more flowy. The track is well suited to entry level DH riders and juniors. It also makes a great training venue for Enduro riders with nothing ‘too gnarly’. Not sure, go check it out anytime. The venue is open all year round and easily shuttled with a bitumen road running beside it.

2018 AGM

Please see below details for the 2018 AGM. I welcome all members along to attend and encourage each and every one of you to consider nominating to the Committee.

The Committee is guided by the needs of the membership, so this is a great opportunity to come along and provide your suggestions to how the club can better serve riders.
Details –
Miss Kay’s, Blackwood St, Mitchelton, QLD
7:30pm Tuesday 11th December 2018
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or our Secretary.

QLD CX Round 1

Well after the amazing race at Chandler for Bike Week CX, the series will heat up with Round 1 at Samford on May 20. Come along for some fun!

We will update this post with information regarding –

Online Entry


Time Duration
Course Setup 7:00
Practice/Warm Up 9:30 30 mins
C Grade Men
B Grade Women
Come N Try
U17 and U15
10:00 30 mins
Kids 10:45 10-15 mins
Practice/Warm Up 11:10 15 mins
B Grade Men
A Grade Women
11:30 40 mins
A Grade 12:30 50 mins
Preso’s 1:30

Course Maps

Other fun details

If you want to get involved in any way helping out, let us know!

Also, go and Follow or Like MTBDRCC and QLDCX on FB and Insta

Ride with us

A couple of fun chances to ride with us in the coming week. First up for the Gravity Crew – Shuttles at Beerburrum on Anzac Day (25th April). We will be there at 9am until 11am. A few members are donating their vehicles to run the new trailers, so be mindful and bring along a few dollars to cover fuel & cleaning costs.

The following day, Thursday 26th April, you can come and ride at Samford from 4:30pm until 6:30pm. With a 2 hour window, you will have private access to the hand built technical trails to run your training session, skills, or sections. Bring your lights if you want to run for the full time and there might be a social chance for post-session pizza at the ‘food truck’ opposite Ironbark on the way home. Cost is $6.40 which is payable to the club rep on-site and all of this goes to Scouts for letting us use the trails.
If any other members are keen to run additional sessions, please get in touch with us.

Committee and Club Champion

It is with pleasure we post up our 2017 Club Champion – Luke Radley. Luke has made a transition from XC racing into Gravity Enduro and has excelled at both disciplines; even dabbling with a bit of Downhill.
Late in the year, Luke took out the U19 State Championship for Enduro, while also getting 4th overall in the series in both Enduro and XCO. We’ve all been kept up to date with his activities and races through YouTube Channel ‘Adventures With Luke’.
We will catch up with Luke in the new year and hopefully grab a photo of him with the perpetual trophy.

Also at the AGM we welcomed the 2018 Committee. There are some familiar faces, and some vacancies to hopefully fill with some new ones.
President – Hayden Lester
Vice President – Scott Finlay
Treasurer – Gerald Schmidt
Secretary – Vacant
DH Rep – Vacant
XC Rep – Vacant
Social Ride Rep – Jeff Shillington
Trail Care Rep – Vacant

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the vacancies, please get in touch with us. It will mainly consist of attending meetings every second month, advocating for your ‘interest group’ and being a primary point of contact for members.


6 Pack Racing – Results

Well we werent 100% sure how everything would pan out, but smiles all round with 6 Pack Racing.

Below are the results – hopefully you can make sense of it all, but in the end, the final rounds were hotly contested affairs, in particular the main final.

CX Eliminator – Qualifying

CX-Eliminator-Heat-Draw – 6Pack 20171210

Feedback was really good and we will make some minor adjustments to the course layout to allow a little more overtaking throughout, in particular the early turns. Keep your ears to the ground for the next one!