Saturday Social Rides Now 4:00

With the shortening of the days, the darkening of the nights and the inevitable colder weather, the Saturday Social Ride will be starting from 4:00pm as of the ride on 30th April at Gap Creek.

The last of our traditional 4:30pm rides, was at Bunya on the 16th with 7 attendees and riders of all ages. Lets keep this trend going as we can now get that extra 15 minutes of riding in once again.

Next Ride:
Gap Creek, 30th April, 4:00pm – Approximately 60-75 minutes at a social pace – All Welcome


3 thoughts on “Saturday Social Rides Now 4:00

  1. Hi,
    I have just joined the club and am wanting to participate in the Saturday social rides. Do these take place every saturday? where is the next ride going to be?

  2. Hi Jess,
    They are fortnightly and alternate between Bunya and Gap Creek. The next one is on June 11 at Bunya, followed by Gap Creek on June 25th.

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