Club XC and Super D Day – March 25

Come along for a sprint XC race around a shortened and more enjoyable XC loop followed by a Super D linking together some flow single track on Sunday March 25.

The XC race will loop around a 3.3km course which is a more enjoyable loop than that used in the Sunshine Series last year. Think less climbing, more singletrack! Race length will depend on Category (A, B, C) and be between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
The Super D will utilise some of the XC Course and be around a 1km time-trial, timed using the Wireless Tag Heuer system accurate to 1/1000 of a second. Riders will start at 30second intervals with the fastest time the winner!

From 7am Rego
Until 8am Practice
8:30am XC Racing
10am Super D Practice
10:30am Super D Racing
11am Presentations

$10 Entry to BOTH events

This will also be an opportunity to learn more about the club’s timing systems so you can help out at future events. If you’re an XC rider, we will teach you about the DH Program; If your a DH rider, we will teach you about the XC Program. Let us know if you’re interested by dropping an email to ‘secretary AT’


Event is at Samford Scout Camp, Cash Ave, Samford. Course will not be accessible until Sunday AM for practice.


One thought on “Club XC and Super D Day – March 25

  1. Hi guys,
    Super interested in this day.
    A couple of quick questions.
    Where is the location of the track? Is it open to the public (can I go there beforehand?)
    How does Super D racing work?
    Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere.

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