Club DH Race Wrap Up

Well the heavens opened above Hennessey Hill today and riders were greeted with muddy tires and bodies, even before the first shuttle! With just under 80 pre-entries and over 30 riders rocking up on race morning, everyone was quickly heading for the shuttles to maximise the available practice time, before the early 10am race starting time. With riders quickly coated in mud, discussions revolved around the goggles or no goggles topic, with some riders finding value in the tear-off, something unusual for racing in Queensland…

As ten o’clock came, the rain started and got heavy for racing, just to make it interesting. Soon enough the 106 registered riders were down and the winners were found, with presentations done before midday and everyone on their way home to enjoy their Sunday afternoon getting reaquainted with their hose and for some of the lucky ones, a new bottle of Muc-Off from race sponsor Ashgrove Cycles.

DRCC Club DH Race Results – 15 April 2012


4 thoughts on “Club DH Race Wrap Up

  1. when are the results going to be up…i wasnt at the preso so i have no clue what time i got or what i came
    thanks :)

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