SEQ MTB Series XC#4 – Samford

Samford will host Round 4 of the SEQ MTB Series on July 15.

You can enter online now by CLICKING HERE, or on the day for an additional $10 fee.

The course is set at just under 4.5km and will take in a mix of singletrack, fire road and open grass sections, but there is more single track than last year as the club has been busy out at the venue.



Indicative Lap Counts (at 11/7)

Elite Men – 7
Elite Women – 5 or 6
Expert Men – 5
Veteran Men – 5
U19 Men – 4
Masters – 4
Super Masters – 3
U17 Men – 3
U15 Men – 2 or 3
Sport Men – 3
Sport Women – 3
Veteran Women – 3
U13 – 3 (Short)
U11 – 2 (Short)


4 thoughts on “SEQ MTB Series XC#4 – Samford

  1. is it the same as the other SEQ races that the track will be open for practice on Saturday before the Race so there wont be any surprises for us.

      • Thanks for the information, sorry i should of ask you before about the laps for super master, is it a mistake that it is down as 3 laps as we have been doing the same laps distance as the master in the other seq races and there down as 4 laps, 3 laps would be a pretty short race to do.
        thanks again for your response.


  2. Hi David,
    If you refer to the MTBA Tech Regulations, the ‘target winning time’ for Super Masters is 0:45-1:00 and for Masters is 1:00-1:15. This is the reason for the differing number of laps. We expect riders in thes categories to take 16-17 minutes for a lap and so 3 laps would give a winners time of 48-51 minutes and 4 would be over the target timeframe. The Masters race, with 4 laps should be between 1:04-1:08

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