2014 Marathon Champs – Volunteer Callout

The club is privileged to be hosting the 2014 Cycling Australia/MTBA Subaru Marathon National Champs at Mt Joyce on April 6. We need a few more volunteers to help with the delivery of this event in particular:

•2 more people to assist on Friday and Saturday with Event Bump In and Course Set up.
•2 people to help with registration on Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm.
•However we need a lot more people to assist on Sunday with course marshalling, registration and timing, starting from 6am. This can be an enjoyable day out and you can get involved with the racing with cowbells, whistles etc.

The club is offering an exclusive camping area at the Western Trailhead with toilets and (cold) showers free of charge. This should allow you to come down on Saturday afternoon and enjoy the evening and get to know your fellow club members.

The event is being co-ordinated by Cycling Australia, so there is lots of freebies for people helping out including T-Shirts, Meals and drinks. The club is also offering assistance to get you to the venue and will be covering your expected fuel costs to get to the venue from Brisbane so you shouldn’t be out of pocket.

If you can help out with any of the above tasks, please get in contact with us via return email. We can only run these events with the assistance of the club membership, so come along to this event and help the club put on a great event!


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