Report from the club’s supported junior racer – Loic Fery

MTB DRCC has committed to giving some financial and in-kind support to young, up and coming riders, along with a massive hand from the club’s sponsor, Ashgrove Cycles. Under this program, it was recently agreed to help Loic Fery attend the QLD Junior MTBA Development Camp. Loic has been tearing it up in every discipline he participates in, with a particularly bright future becoming obvious in DH.


We were very impressed to receive this report from Loic on the development camp and thought we’d post it on the website for everyone to enjoy…


From Loic:  QLD Junior MTBA development camp


2 weeks ago I was privileged enough to attend the QLD Junior MTBA development camp thanks to the help of DRCC. The camp was held at the Queensland Conference Centre in Brookfield, right next to the Mt Cootha trails! The purpose of the camp was to help develop and improve junior mountain bikers in order to go on to perform at higher state, national and international levels. The 4-day experience attracted riders from many states including QLD (of course), NSW, NT and VIC and included ages from 12-16 year olds.


This is a brief summary of the daily schedule we had during our stay at the camp:


FRIDAY – Day 1 – Settling in

We arrived at 4:00pm and spend a few moments getting to know everyone as well as the 7 coaches on hand for the camp. After a 5min bike fit session from the coaches, we watched a small presentation of what to expect from the camp.


SATURDAY – Day 2 – Intense Day of Time-trials

After a bright and early start at 6:00am we left the venue in direction for the trails. Our first TT was actually an uphill 1000m stretch of road at an average 15% gradient. Without a proper warm-up, brutal lung-busting steep pinches along the way and leg-muscles cramping and fatiguing seriously, this ended up being the hardest session of the camp.

The next session on hand was downhill timed runs on the popular death adder and pipeline trails in the Mt Cootha trail centre. This was definitely the session I was most looking forward to all weekend. After a sighting run of the course and a practice run, it was time for the two timed runs we had to perform and execute our best downhill skills. The course proved to be a very fun and loose course with lots of jumps and sandy, gravelly corners.

The day was finished with a painful recovery stretching and loosening of muscles session as well as a bike maintenance session.


SUNDAY – Day 3 – Skills + XC TT

Our first session of the day was a 2hr skills session broken up into 3 segments for different bike skills. The first skill that we were taught was flat cornering by performing figure 8’s while applying different skills to it. The second skill was jumping/hopping which included different sized logs and obstacles that we needed to get over. The last skill was track standing and pivoting sideways on the front and back wheel.

After lunch we headed out to the trails for the final time trial of the camp. It was a 7min brutal XC loop which included a steep fire road climb followed by a mildly-technical descent back to the bottom. This time trial was aimed at combining both the climbing fitness levels and descending skills into one.


Overall the camp was an excellent experience and has helped me a lot in improving my knowledge and fitness for racing. Thank you to DRCC for helping me out a lot to get to the camp and for their support.


Loic Fery


Thanks Loic, we look forward to reading about more of your successes in the future!




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