2017 AGM, 6 Pack Racing and BBQ

Well it’s that time of the year – AGM – where we elect the Committee for the 2017/18 Year. We like to make this a fun affair and a chance to meet your fellow members, so come along and find out a little about what the club is doing and find out how you can contribute.

Sunday December 10th, 2017, 2:00pm
“The Pocket”, Baden Powell Park, Samford Rd, Samford

All positions on the Committee are available for nomination and current members are being sent out forms over the coming few days.

6 Pack Racing
Starting at 3pm – We will also be having a fun set of races – called the ‘6 Pack’. This will be over a 800m to 1km course where riders will first complete a time trial, then race in a round robin format of 6 riders at a time. The ultimate prize – you guessed it – a 6 pack! Entry in the racing is $10 for members – $15 for non-members to cover the Scout Land Fees. We are also making the course a mostly downhill alignment and will have elements of off-camber cornering, sprints and cyclocross (dismount) features to make it an even playing field, no matter what bike you bring along.
So how does it work? Well, your time trial will seed/handicap into grades and then it goes into a Round Robin Format. After each race, your place in that will determine your next heat. After 3-4 races, everyone will be racing in a final, with riders at the same level, making for some tight, fun and specator (heckle) friendly racing.
After the race, hang round, share the winner’s trophy and enjoy a BBQ put on by the club.
If there is interest, we can run a women’s field and a junior field as well, but due to the format, we think it will work out well with everyone being ranked against riders of the same abilities.

Following on from the 6 Pack racing, we will have a BBQ Sausage Sizzle so you can chat and compare notes regarding the racing, riding and meet new friends.


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