2019 Hennessey Cup

Well it’s the DH Pre-Season, so what better way to get your introduction to DH racing or sharpen your race day skills than taking on our 2019 Hennessey Cup. The format is our much loved ‘Handicap’ where everyone enters the one category and then we grade each rider once race runs are completed into A,B,C Grades, with prizes for each grade.

In 2019, we will have 3 races in the Hennessey Cup, with your total time added up over all 3 races to find our Series Winner. There will also be ‘bonus seconds’ for winners in each handicap grade on each day. That means even if you aren’t the fastest rider on the day, you could still jump up the standings and be eligible for the overall.
1st Place – 5 seconds
2nd Place – 3 seconds
3rd Place – 1 second

Race dates are
Feb 17 – morning schedule
March 17 – afternoon schedule (date subject to Council Permit Approval)
May 12 – morning schedule (date subject to Council Permit Approval)

Entry to each race is $40

Morning Schedule (Feb 17 & May 12)
7am – Rego Open
7:45am – Shuttles Start
8am – Practice
10am – Racing

Afternoon Schedule (March 17)
12:30pm – Rego Open
1:15pm – Shuttles Start
1:30pm – Practice
3:30pm – Racing

Enter Round 2 Now

More info about Hennessey Hill DH Track.
Located on Beerburrum-Woodford Rd, the 1.2km track has around 120 vertical meters of elevation and graded as a Black Diamond Trail. There are two parallel courses which can be configured into different styles of race tracks. One is a little rockier, the other a little more flowy. The track is well suited to entry level DH riders and juniors. It also makes a great training venue for Enduro riders with nothing ‘too gnarly’. Not sure, go check it out anytime. The venue is open all year round and easily shuttled with a bitumen road running beside it.

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