Hennessey Cup Round 2 – Results

Well we have unpacked everything and starting drying things out. Lets hope it doesnt take too long, much like all the riders who have to wash kits, dry shoes and polish their bikes.

2019 Hennessey Cup Round 2 – Results

During the week, we will also update the current timescore for the Hennessey Cup. We will also have an ‘average’ time for each race which will allow riders to get included in the timescore even if they only race 2 of 3 rounds. How will that work?
Total Time is the method for the overall Hennessey Cup.
A rider who races all 3 races, will have their cumulative time added up.
Winners in each grade (A,B,C) will get time bonuses.
A rider who only races 2 rounds, will have their ‘average time standard deviation’ on results of the day combined for the round they missed.
We will try and put that together as an example before the next round.

Next Round is May 12 at this stage, but were looking at the calendar to avoid Mother’s Day if we can. If it stays as May 12, it will be the afternoon schedule as per today.

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